My dear subscribers, viewers and followers, I do sincerely apologise for my inconsistency in sending out posts.  Last month was a bit busy trying to sort things out  in order as I continue on my journey.  I sensed in my heart to take a stand and make some decrees and declarations over your lives as you step out of your comfort zone and  step up the ladder for this is a new season , a new beginning.  You will also declare a thing, and it will be established for you; so light will shine on your ways Job 22:28 NKJV.  

I would encourage you  to read  out this statement taking a stand by faith in our Lord through Jesus Christ our Saviour.


Father in Heaven I decree that You are Lord over my life and Lord over every situation because nothing is too difficult for you.  I command every mountain standing in my way, every stumbling block hindering my progress to be crushed and levelled to the ground as I walk from triumphant victory to victory, glory to glory as the royal priesthood, queen (king if you are a man) I am.  I have been called, set apart for your works and glory and the enemy can do nothing whatsoever about it.  I take a stand of faith by Your grace to command you  Satan to take your hands off my possessions, life, families and everything the Lord has in abundance for me for they are mine.  My mind is renewed, my thoughts are in alignment with Your Word so I cast out every spirit of confusion, deception and other contaminating spirits in the name of Jesus.  I cleanse my mind in the blood of Jesus and I declare that from today onwards I will act like the royal priesthood and operate in the queenly (kingly for men) authority because I have divine access to His kingdom to bind and loose, build and destroy, open and close.  So I shut every door that the enemy has opened and open every door to my triumphant victory and His blessings in my life.  Thank You for I am a new creation in You.  Thank You for I am the righteousness of Christ Amen


When you decree and declare a thing by faith, through His grace believing without a doubt it shall be established for His word shall not return to Him void, He watches over His word.



If  you know anyone who would be blessed by this, do not hesitate to share it.  I pray that as you share the word, the Lord would bring you to a place of increase and expansion and He would show you how to operate in the divine authority that you already have, to access everything He has in store for you in abundance.

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Yvonne Wilson (EMoments)

Thank you for this prayer. I am encouraged to take a stand also and to believe God for who He says He is. Blessings!

    Ngozi Ngadi


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