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Close to God

I wrote this during my moments of spending time in His presence, seeking His face to know more of Him.  You can never get tired of seeking God , Jame 4:8 states draw near to Me (God) and He will draw near to you.   I pray you will be stirred up in your hearts to develop a closer relationship with God.  Releasing yourselves completely to Him and permitting Him to have full control of your life.  The more you spend time in His presence the more you want to know more of who He is, His love, grace and mercies.   

From me to You Lord…………………………..

I want to see more of You
Let Your light shine in my heart
Speak to me sweet loving words
I pour my heart to You
In worship and honor of You
The closer I am to You
The more I want to know You
My intimacy with You stirs me up
My passion to serve You
And to fulfill Your purpose in my life

Let every moment of my life be with You
Seeking You always
Very early in the morning as I wake up
And late at night before I go to sleep
As your light shines out
Let Your light be a reflection of Your love

Your awesome mighty power reigns in majesty
Your goodness and mercies endures forever
How great are Your mighty acts
I humble myself before You Lord
Have Your way
Have Your way Lord


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When I was a little child, I played hide and seek, I would go and hide somewhere where no one would find me.  My friends would search me everywhere to find me but all to no avail.  Sometimes they would ask my parents, uncles or siblings of my secret hiding place.  Because its a secret they would not tell them.  It was an exciting game, when they grew tired of searching they would tell me to come out .  I enjoyed playing hide and seek when I was growing.  The Lord desires, He longs for us to dwell in His secret place.  So where is the secret place of the Most High?

He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High
Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty Psalms 91:1.

Where is the secret place?

The secret place is a place of intimacy with the Lord, where you feel safe and secured in His presence.  Its a place of finding rest in Him, place of settlement and refuge.  When you are in that secret place He becomes your strength, refuge and your trust is deeply established in Him.  It’s a place you find peace, joy and hope therefore you do not need to worry about anything because He is Lord.  You do not analyse till you paralyze because your trust is completely in the Lord.   There is no fear because perfect love casts out all fears.  Its a place where your enemies cant find you, they can search you forever they will never find you.

I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress;
My God, in Him I will trust.” Psalms 91:2 

How to get to the secret place?

Spending time in His presence, surrendering your life completely to Him.  Surrender is an act of sacrifice to God, all idols and lovers that has taken the place of Him is surrendered to God.  Letting go of all your burdens and submitting it at the foot of the cross.  Declaring that “I don’t want any other lover”.  Our God is  loving, merciful and so full of compassion and willing to forgive you all your sins.  Be ready to ask for forgiveness of sins and be at a place of repentance.  Because there is a need to be at a place of holiness and purity which is only through Christ Jesus for He is holy.  It is at the place of seeking Him in spirit and truth, at a place of worship.

God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” John 4:24

What are the benefits of dwelling in the secret place?

Psalm 91 speaks in detail about the secret place of the Most High and some of the benefits of the secret place is

  • REFUGE AND FORTRESS : When you are weak, He strengthens you.  He is your hiding place and you can always run to Him in times of need and trouble (Psalms 91:2
  • DELIVERER: He delivers you from every plans of the enemy and every sickness and diseases (Psalms 91:3)
  • PROTECTION: He covers you like a mother hen would cover her chicks.  He protects you like a father would protect his children and He has given you the shield of faith to stop the fiery darts of the enemy.  He has positioned  His angels to keep charge over you.  (Psalm 91:4,10, 11,12)
  • NOT AFRAID: You are not afraid of the darkness, even in the midst of darkness His light shines to show you the way. He has given you authority to trample upon serpents and scorpions and nothing by any means shall harm you (Psalms 91:5-7, 13, Luke 10:19 )
  • HE HEARS OUR CRY: When you call on Him in times of trouble or need, He will answer you because you have a relationship with Him.  He will never let you down, neither will He leave you nor forsake you.  (Psalms 91: 15)
  • DIVINE SATISFACTION: You will have a divine satisfaction that could only have come from Him. He will satisfy your spirit, body and soul till you want no more.  You shall lack nothing because His abundant overflowing blessings is upon your life and He has a covenant with you that can never be broken (Psalms 91:16)

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