Prayer for Salvation


Lord I believe You are the Son of God, who was crucified on the cross and resurrected on the third day for my namesake that I shall have everlasting life.  Lord Jesus I am a sinner and have sinned against You, forgive all my sins oh Lord. Come into my heart, purify me, cleanse me in your righteousness and make me whole again.    I have decided to follow You all the way, no more turning back.  So Lord I ask that You show me Your way, guide me and strengthen me.

I confess Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, I believe by faith and through Your divine grace that I am saved and delivered from all power of darkness.  Thank You Jesus for the cross, thank You for Your blood that heals, sanctifies, consecrates and cleanses me and thank You for Your unconditional love in my life.  Amen


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Ngozi Ngadi has been married to Uchenna Ngadi who is her soul mate, helper and friend for over seven years. She is a member of Jesus House, Brent Cross, London, United Kingdom. She blogs on developing intimacy with the Lord and encourages the broken hearted who have given up on life retrace their walk with the Lord. Follow her on Twitter / Facebook.