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Heavenly Father I thank You for You are the pillar that holds my life.  I give You all the glory because there is no other God like You.  Though I may be weak I am strong through You.  For greater is He that lives in me than He that lives in the world.  I ask that You continually strengthen me especially during these difficult times when I feel like giving up.  I run to You for help and support for You are the rock of my salvation.  You said nothing is too difficult for You and with You all things are possible so Lord I am standing on those spoken words and continue to decree it into all areas of my life.  For Your word shall not return to You void.  Lord I ask that that You quicken my spirit as I crucify my flesh for the flesh profits nothing (John 6:63). I soak myself in the abundance of Your love, grace and faith, as I continually dwell in Your secret place, the place of rest where I find peace, joy and satisfaction in You.  Through Christ Jesus I pray, Amen


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Ngozi Ngadi has been married to Uchenna Ngadi who is her soul mate, helper and friend for over seven years. She is a member of Jesus House, Brent Cross, London, United Kingdom. She blogs on developing intimacy with the Lord and encourages the broken hearted who have given up on life retrace their walk with the Lord. Follow her on Twitter / Facebook.

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