It is not over

By Ngozi Ngadi

Sometimes we allow situations to rule over us while we become their subjects,  When you are subjected to a problem or circumstance it takes absolute control over your life, wherever it dictates or directs is where you move or obey.  Suddenly it feels as if there is no God and it is over.  You find yourself entangled in a drug, alcohol addiction, gambling problem and your family has given up on you.  You look to the left and right there seems to be no way out, you try pressing forward but there is a mountain of stronghold restraining you then  you look backwards the road is dark and crooked.  The words that comes out loud in your mind is ‘IT IS OVER’, ‘MY LIFE IS OVER’,

You have lost confidence and belief in yourself as well as in God.  You feel rejected, unloved and abandoned, situation has caused yo to isolate yourself from friends and families.  God is love, you are precious, honoured and loved.  He has not forsaken you, Father God loves you more than you you love yourself.  He is encouraging you to believe in Him and dwell in His perfect love for perfect love casts out all fears.

Today I am here to encourage you and announce to you in declaration that ‘IT IS NOT OVER’.  It is not over because the Lord says so.  Do not give up on God because He has not given up on you.  His hand is upon your marriage, your life and He is still in control.  Though it seems in the natural like nothing significant is taking place.  I can guarantee you that He controls the times and seasons and the end of this matter is better than the beginning

I prophesie to you that your latter is greater than your last.  You will not grow weary but you will mount up on wings like eagle and find rest in a place of refuge, restoration and abundance of His love and promises.  The Egyptian you see now you shall see no more, the Lord God of Host has delivered you out of bondage into the promised land.  It is time to walk in boldness and confidence of your  identity in Christ and possess the land for it is not by might, not by power but by the Spirit of the Living God.


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