Close to God

I wrote this during my moments of spending time in His presence, seeking His face to know more of Him.  You can never get tired of seeking God , Jame 4:8 states draw near to Me (God) and He will draw near to you.   I pray you will be stirred up in your hearts to develop a closer relationship with God.  Releasing yourselves completely to Him and permitting Him to have full control of your life.  The more you spend time in His presence the more you want to know more of who He is, His love, grace and mercies.   

From me to You Lord…………………………..

I want to see more of You
Let Your light shine in my heart
Speak to me sweet loving words
I pour my heart to You
In worship and honor of You
The closer I am to You
The more I want to know You
My intimacy with You stirs me up
My passion to serve You
And to fulfill Your purpose in my life

Let every moment of my life be with You
Seeking You always
Very early in the morning as I wake up
And late at night before I go to sleep
As your light shines out
Let Your light be a reflection of Your love

Your awesome mighty power reigns in majesty
Your goodness and mercies endures forever
How great are Your mighty acts
I humble myself before You Lord
Have Your way
Have Your way Lord


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Im close to giving up. Thank you for your words, im hoping that at least today those words get me through.

    Ngozi Ngadi

    I am delighted to know that you were blessed by this. I pray that the Lord strengthens you continually and you don’t loose faith, hope and trust in Him. Why don’t you subscribe to receive post send to your email?

Cherry Ann

Great post. It is a blessing to be able to share your passion with the world and i feel blessed to be reading about what you are passionate about.

    Ngozi Ngadi

    I am glad you were blessed by this post. The Lord desires to know you more intimately, heart to heart and spirit to spirit. I hope this post has stirred up your heart to draw more deeply closer to Him because the more you know Him the more you long to abide in His presence and remain in Him.


There is no better place than under the the care of our Almighty God. Your outpouring to the Lord is so beautiful. Every christian should feel this way.


    Ngozi Ngadi

    Thanks Paul

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