About me

Ngozi Ngadi

United Kingdom

Ngozi Ngadi loves to share her personal real life challenges she has experienced that mentally destabilised and limited her walk in the fullness of Christ love. Ngozi’s heart breaks to see souls hurting, depressed and bound as a result of emotional baggages weighing them down,   unemployment or financial instability resulting to their inability to cater for their day to day needs, lacking confidence in themselves and the fear of not being accepted into the society due to their flaws.

Her life experiences as an overcomer of depression, mental, physical and emotional abuses motivates her to reach out to heal the broken hearted through the Word, the blood and preaching the good news of Jesus Christ our Lord. Ngozi Ngadi’s ultimate desire is to work with people fulfilling their God purpose driven vision and exceed their maximum potentials so nations can be transformed. Also to influence, encourage, mentor and motivate individuals to excel in the calling upon their lives not permitting life challenges of the past, present or future fear of the unknown hinder them.

The World is controlled by the unscrupulous dictates of the media, manipulative power hungry government leaders, personal desires and drive for economic and social status. They are in need of God’s love, healing and tender mercies. There is not a moment in the media that you read or listen of someone committing suicide due to their depressive state of mind, the economic crisis or government instability. Leaders all over the world are taking control in wicked, unrighteous ways not mindful of the results of their actions. Consequently individual lives are deterred from maximising their potentials and fulfilling their purpose in the marketplace, society and church.

Heal The Broken Hearted Ministry has a vision driven purpose to reach out worldwide impacting lives to deeper levels of relationships with God through the blood of Christ Jesus that heals, delivers, forgives all sins, breaks every yokes and sets the captives free.  With the use of social media and internet technologies, the ministry is  drawing, reconnecting lives to the right enlightened path so their destinies  are established  and enabled to excel in all that the Lord has called them to do. Heal The Broken Hearted Ministry is an avenue to find rest in Him, renewing your mind to the things of God with the help of the Holy Spirit and empowerment to break free from every stagnancy in your life pressing forward to the future, full of hope and God’s promises.